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Symposium on the Future of Computing Research

USC/ISI Invites You to a Symposium on the

Future OF Computing Research

COMPUTING RESEARCH TODAY is increasingly shaped by forces and trends that separate it from the simpler circumstances of the field’s founding era. Intellectual and technical maturing of the discipline, the ever-increasing centrality of computing to modern society, and changing expectations about career paths, collaborations, research impact, and work environments all contribute.

Our goal is to examine critical questions that will drive and define the field and profession of computing research in the future, and to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversations shaping this rapidly developing evolution.

Conference room meeting

Program Overview

  • Keynote Presentations by

Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan, Director, US National Science Foundation
Dr. Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer, Microsoft

  • Participant/Speaker Interactive Discussion Sessions with computing research thought leaders and visionaries
  • Small Group Deep Dives on participant-chosen topics of interest
  • A Roundtable with Early Career Researchers shaping the field through different computing research paths
  • Informal, self-organizing Meeting and Discussion Opportunities

A Critical, Timely Topic

The power of intellectually deepening, societally connected computing research grows exponentially as computing become ever more embedded in modern culture and civilization. Yet this same shift creates new goals, constraints, and challenges not seen in earlier eras of the field. Identifying, recognizing, understanding, and responding to these emerging challenges is the key to a new generation of computing research that both deepens our knowledge and advances our world.

A Unique Distributed Format

The symposium will be held simultaneously online and across multiple physical locations in the United States. In Los Angeles, Boston and virtually, this is a powerful yet flexible meeting experience where participants will be able to engage — remotely or on site — in rich and interactive conversations comparable to in-person events.

Who Should Attend

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  • experienced computer research professionals
  • early career computing researchers
  • peer researchers
  • industry technologists
  • policymakers
  • research policy professionals
  • science and technology journalists