Why Attend?

The nature, driving goals, and fundamental precepts of computing research as a field and as a profession are changing rapidly, as revolutionary technical forces, deepening societal implications, and new patterns of work and life come together and converge.

This symposium will illuminate key drivers shaping the future of computing research, explore the relationships and linkages between these drivers, and create opportunities for future action, both individually and as a community, in response to these forces shaping our field.

Those who understand, anticipate, and proactively respond to these forces will be the computing research leaders of the future.

At this symposium you will...

Meet and Connect with others interested in these intriguing questions.

Gain increased awareness and understanding of forces shaping the field of computing research today.

Engage with computing research visionaries, experts, and thought leaders to examine these questions in an interactive, discussion-oriented setting.

Deep Dive into a specific topic of interest to you, with a small group of similarly minded people.

Hear and Understand the views, concerns, and perspectives of a unique group of award-winning research-focused undergraduate students that represent the future of our field.

Shape the development of future community-wide resources, activities, and actions that advance and strengthen our field as an enterprise and as a profession.

Experience a unique, technology-enabled, future-forward distributed meeting format designed to support your full participation while lowering your cost and time overhead of engagement.