Format and Venue

A Distributed National Symposium

In keeping with our Symposium's topic and vision, we seek to thoughtfully reconsider the event's structure itself, in a way that provides space for participants of varying circumstances and backgrounds to interact, converse, and learn from each other on an accessible and equal basis.

Key to our vision is the ability for participants to participate either in-person or online, with sessions and session types explicitly designed to bring together the strengths and social knowledge processes of each of these two environments.

In advancing this vision we aim to move beyond the traditional notions of entirely place-based, entirely online, or awkwardly structured ‘hybrid’ conference, by creating a dedicated setting that extends the in-person conference experience to online space, while ensuring that both in-person and online participants are afforded compelling and comparable experiences within the meeting setting.

Beyond the event itself, our model offers symposium participants a long-lived resource that spans the period before, during, and after the day-of meeting. Visit the Symposium’s online location before the meeting to meet your fellow participants, raise questions and topics for discussion, or record a short video expressing your interests, staking out a position, or proposing a topic for informal discussion. After the symposium, return to the online event site to continue your conversations, review the sessions, discussions, and outputs of the symposium, and stay connected with your fellow participants long after the conference ends.

Ways to Participate

Participate in our symposium either online in the convenience of your own location, or by joining one of our geographically distributed in-person "pods" — small-group meeting sites where you may join the symposium in a convenient shared setting, meet other interested participants in person, and receive professional meeting support services.

Our in-person and online experiences are united through an integrated hosting platform that supports formal and informal presentations and discussions, a rich range of participant engagement services, and a unique AI-based interest matching and meet-up capability that aims to create new connections and conversations across all symposium attendees.


Join a local "meeting pod" near you, or inquire about hosting your own!

  • Meet and engage in person with a small group of similarly interested participants.
  • Experience professional-quality meeting support – participatory audio-visual technology, facility support services, etc.
  • Minimize your travel time, expenses, and impact by selecting a nearby pod location.
  • Join the Symposium in a relaxed, small-group meeting room atmosphere.

Fully Online

Join the symposium from the comfort of your own home, office, or mobile setting.

  • Engage in a curated and participatory experience from the comfort of your own location.
  • Minimize your travel and time overhead, environmental impact, financial burden, and health risks.
  • Manage your own technical environment to accommodate your preferences or unique needs.