Get Involved

You're Invited!

We invite all interested attendees to participate actively in shaping the symposium’s focus and discussions. On this page you will find several ways you can participate, in advance or at the meeting.

We Welcome All to Attend the Symposium!

The participatory opportunities described here are optional. There is no requirement to follow any of them to attend. But we hope you will consider them! Your input through any of these paths will materially strengthen the symposium’s discussions and contributions, and, we hope, contribute to a more relevant and useful meeting for both symposium attendees and the computing research community writ large.

Pose a Question for Our Panel Discussions

The symposium program will include several Panel Discussions covering each of our broad topics . Each panel will be guided by a skilled discussion leader and asked to address specific focusing questions.

We invite you to pose a question for our panelists to discuss, related to any of the four broad symposium topic areas. While we may not be able to address every posed question directly, the organizers and panel leaders will use your posed questions to guide and synthesize the panel’s discussion directions, with the aim of addressing as wide a range of your interests as possible.

Submit a Position Paper

We welcome any interested attendee to submit a one to three page position paper expressing a view or raising a concern about any topic within the broad scope of the symposium’s focus on the future of computing research. Submitted position papers will be used to.

  • Guide discussions at the symposium, by shaping panel questions and affinity meetup topics
  • Contribute as background input to the Symposium’s conclusions and recommendations, as captured in the final symposium report and follow on activities.
  • With the authors’ agreement, become a part of the symposium’s visible record by being made available to symposium attendees and included as part of the symposium’s public report.

To submit a position paper, or for further information about this possibility, please follow the button below.

Present a Lightning Talk

We invite all symposium attendees to consider presenting a “lightning talk” on any topic related to the symposium and the future of computing research and will organize a lightning talk session if interest supports it. A lightning talk should be of one to three minutes in length, either extemporaneous or with up to 5 slides. With the presenter’s agreement, lightning talks will be recorded and made available publicly after the symposium, as well as providing input to the symposium’s conclusions and recommendations.

A final selection of talks to be presented will be determined 1-2 months before the symposium meeting date.

Join an Informal Affinity Group

Prior to and at the symposium, the organizers will facilitate “affinity meetups” to help attendees with similar interests and concerns find each other in an informal setting. Or aim is to provide both opportunities for informal discussion at the symposium, and the possibility of both formal and informal follow-on engagement.

We encourage all interested attendees to take advantage of this opportunity to meet others with shared interests by providing a small amount of additional information about your focus, expertise, activities, and objectives within the larger future of computing research landscape.